That time I put on a suit. With one of my favourite little humans, my son Harlan. Photo: Camille Labchuk, my long-time friend and colleague.

That time I put on a suit. With one of my favourite little humans, my son Harlan. Photo: Camille Labchuk, my long-time friend and colleague.

Animals are in crisis and my life's mission is to do everything I can to alleviate their suffering, which to me means working towards their freedom. If you're here, maybe you feel the same way too (or maybe you're spying from an animal-use industry... in which case, welcome! I'd love to help you consider a new career.)

I'm a Vancouver-based animal rights lawyer, strategist, and activist. I specialize in issues relating to farmed animals, and the animal rights movement more broadly. I proudly serve as director of farmed animal advocacy for Animal Justice and as projects director for We Animals. I believe these two organizations do an excellent job of making animal use and abuse visible, and laying the groundwork for legal and political reform--factors I think are essential for our movement.

One thing I'm best at doing is helping others find their stride as effective animal advocates. If you're working towards animal liberation I want you to be as impactful and motivated as possible so that your valuable time and skills are best serving the animals who so desperately need our help. And by the way, you're really awesome for speaking up for animals. I'm glad we're future friends.

Here's what I can help you with:

  • Developing short and long term organizational and personal activism strategies
  • Creating high impact campaigns and programs
  • Leveraging traditional media (print, TV, radio) to amplify the message
  • Refining your social media voice and growing your audience
  • Writing and editing
  • Legal information, including legalities of non-violent protest and whistleblowing on animal-use industries

some nice things people i admire said about me.

VHS has enjoyed working with Anna on a number of occasions. Apart from being intelligent, articulate and well-versed in most animal rights issues, she is an excellent strategist with uncanny intuition. These traits combined with her warm, inclusive personality make her a formidable force in today’s animal rights movement.
— Debra Probert, Executive Director, Vancouver Humane Society
Anna Pippus is an extremely talented lawyer who I have had the pleasure of working with for the past several years. I am continually impressed by her perseverance, dedication, and legal skill. She has proven to be a strong force for the animals.
— Vandhana Bala, General Counsel, Mercy For Animals
Anna is on the front lines of grassroots activism. Her understanding of being an animal rights activist lawyer is similar to Gandhi’s understanding of the primacy of ethics in defining the profession. She organizes and attends slaughterhouse vigils. She gets the real investigative story out in her media columns. She offers kind assistance when you need a lawyer’s advice at critical times. She assists with the right framing for media releases. When I ask Anna’s for help, I know I’ll get the most thoughtful advice and immediate results... it’s like she already knows before you ask!
— Anita Krajnc, Founder, The Save Movement

let's be friends on social media.

I'm not very active on Twitter but I do post animal rights stuff there. Isn't Twitter fun for harassing politicians into caring about animal rights? Yes it is. #cdnpoli @annapippus

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