Photo: Carson Au

Photo: Carson Au

Animals are in crisis and my life's mission is to do everything I can to alleviate their suffering, which to me means working towards their freedom. If you're here, maybe you feel the same way too (or maybe you're spying from an animal-use industry... in which case, welcome! I'd love to help you consider a new career.)

I'm a Vancouver-based animal rights lawyer, strategist, and activist. I specialize in issues relating to farmed animals, and the animal rights movement more broadly. I proudly serve as director of farmed animal advocacy for Animal Justice and as strategic advisor for We Animals. I believe these two organizations do an excellent job of making animal use and abuse visible, and laying the groundwork for legal and political reform--factors I think are essential for our movement.

Here are a few places you can find me online:

  • Please enjoy the most epic photos I could ever hope to be a part of, alongside four other female Canadian animal rights lawyers.
  • You can read some of my thoughts on veganism, farmed animal law, and activism (and get my recipe for miso soup!) here.
  • Check out my author archives on the Huffington Post and HuffPost Canada (some favourites: the slaughterhouse worker who became an animal liberation activist; the trial of a woman charged with giving water to a thirsty pig; & Canada's food guide shifts towards plant-based eating).
  • I wrote in the Globe and Mail that we can't criticize dog meat festivals without considering our own eating habits; that our legal system should protect farmed animals; and that animal farming is a serious matter for ethical consideration, among other uncomfortable but important topics.
  • As a mother I'm especially heartbroken about how our animal farming system destroys families; watch a video I narrated on the inherent sadness of dairy and read my perspective as part of the Mothers Against Dairy campaign.
  • I enjoyed discussing and debating legal advocacy for animals with Steven Wise and Maneesha Deckha for the Animal Charity Evaluators.
  • Learn why I'm vegan in this mini-doc from Kornelia Kulbacki.
  • I've testified before the House of Commons Standing Committee on Animal Agriculture (see the highlights here and read the brief here) and Vancouver City Council (here). 
  • Do you think an Animal Charter of Rights and Freedoms sounds nuts? I don't, as I told a CTV News Magazine program.
  • I've had some long, heady conversations, which I thoroughly enjoyed, on Terry Haig's show on Radio-Canada International.
  • As animal rights lawyers, we use existing laws in creative ways; Toronto Star profiled some of that strategy.
  • You can find a bunch of my legal work on the Animal Justice site here, and if you still have unanswered questions, there's always this

Please get in touch if you'd like to work together!

    some nice things people i admire said about me.

    VHS has enjoyed working with Anna on a number of occasions. Apart from being intelligent, articulate and well-versed in most animal rights issues, she is an excellent strategist with uncanny intuition. These traits combined with her warm, inclusive personality make her a formidable force in today’s animal rights movement.
    — Debra Probert, Executive Director, Vancouver Humane Society
    Anna Pippus is an extremely talented lawyer who I have had the pleasure of working with for the past several years. I am continually impressed by her perseverance, dedication, and legal skill. She has proven to be a strong force for the animals.
    — Vandhana Bala, General Counsel, Mercy For Animals
    Anna is on the front lines of grassroots activism. Her understanding of being an animal rights activist lawyer is similar to Gandhi’s understanding of the primacy of ethics in defining the profession. She organizes and attends slaughterhouse vigils. She gets the real investigative story out in her media columns. She offers kind assistance when you need a lawyer’s advice at critical times. She assists with the right framing for media releases. When I ask Anna’s for help, I know I’ll get the most thoughtful advice and immediate results... it’s like she already knows before you ask!
    — Anita Krajnc, Founder, The Save Movement

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